To All of Our Supporters,

Listed below is an update on some families we have been helping since our last report in December.

While most of the families we assist are seeking treatment at Penn State Children’s Hospital at Hershey or CHOP in Philadelphia, we also receive referrals from other hospitals in our area.  Ten year old Ryleigh is being treated for sarcoma of the liver at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore.  Her treatment and monitoring are expected to yield positive results but will probably last almost three years.  During that time, lost wages will continue to be an issue for her dad, his fiancée and three other children in the household.  The Foundation has helped with rent and auto loan payments and will continue to do so, as needed, as Ryleigh’s treatment progresses.

Generally, referrals come to us from the social workers at the hospitals with whom we partner.  Sometimes, though, someone in our community lets us know a friend or family member has a child being treated and could use some assistance.  Such was the case with William.  A friend of the Foundation forwarded a medical letter, supplied by William’s family, to us and asked us to help.  Our next step was to contact the hospital to confirm the information we’d received and to ask the social worker involved to let us know how we could help.  William is a thirteen year old who is being treated at CHOP for osteosarcoma in his right leg.  This sort of cancer involves intensive treatment and often causes financial strain on the family.  The Foundation has assisted with rental payments and helped supply a down payment for a more reliable auto necessary to get William to his treatments.

Lillianna was a 7 month old little girl when she was taken to the emergency room and ultimately diagnosed with hepatoblastoma, the most common malignant liver tumor found in early childhood.  The diagnosis placed an enormous strain on her young, single mother and mom’s supportive family.  Lilli’s treatment will require frequent admissions to the hospital and numerous visits with her outpatient health care providers.  Because of the rigorous treatment regime, mom is unable to work at this time.  The Foundation has paid the family’s rent for several months and will continue to follow the family, as needed.

The children referred to us for family assistance are often treated at more than one hospital.  Two year old Muhammed was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma at Penn State Children’s Hospital in Hershey and was placed on an intensive inpatient and outpatient chemotherapy treatment plan.  After completing the first phase of his treatment, Muhammed and his dad needed to move to CHOP in Philadelphia for approximately six weeks of proton therapy.  Another five months of treatment, back in Hershey, are planned.  Of course, maintaining two residences is not an option for most families, especially during a period of lost wages.  The Foundation paid the family’s rent at their home address so that funds would be available for lodging while treatment was accomplished in Philadelphia.

Javion is a 12 year old boy who was diagnosed with osteosarcoma of his right leg several months ago at Penn State Children’s Hospital in Hershey.  He immediately began an intensive treatment regimen that will include chemotherapy and surgery and will last a total of at least ten months.  Javion’s mother is an LPN who is unable to work with any regularity because of her son’s treatment and the need to care for four other children in her household.  The Foundation has helped this family with auto loan payments and rent during this difficult time.

The hundreds of families that have been assisted since the Foundation’s inception in 2003 when two families received the first funds given continue to express their gratitude for your generous support.  The types of families we serve are as diverse as the types of aid they require.  Sometimes just a single overdue bill needs to be paid for a family and sometimes the family needs to have their mortgage or rent paid for an extended period.  With your continued support, we’ll strive to be prepared to meet the needs of the families in our area who need our help. 

We sincerely thank you!

The Board and Volunteers of the Jeff Musser Foundation