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To All of Our Supporters

April 18, 2017

Listed below is an update of some families we have been helping since our last report in February.

Gemma, a five year old, resides in Mechanicsburg with her parents and two sisters and was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia in the fall of 2016.  She will need to complete four extensive rounds of chemotherapy. Prior to Gemma’s diagnosis, her mother was a child care provider in their home, but because she needs to take her daughter for frequent treatments, and sometimes stays overnight in the hospital with her, she is unable to work.  The Foundation was able to help purchase a new vehicle for the family so Gemma is able to get to the hospital when necessary and her dad is able to continue with his job and support the family.

When Theresa was diagnosed with metastatic osteosarcoma of her right leg, she was just 10 years old.  The last two years passed with several courses of chemotherapy and, ultimately, an amputation of her leg.  Theresa has learned to walk with a prosthetic and has regained some of her lost independence.  While her parents were able to manage financially the first several years of her illness, circumstances changed early this year and the Foundation helped them with rent and utilities to help ease them through this difficult period.

Kimberly’s diagnosis of Hepatoblastoma came when she was just 21 months old. She received chemotherapy as well as surgical resection of her tumor. Kimberly and her twin sister were born prematurely and spent many weeks in the NICU following their birth.  The resulting Early Intervention services for developmental delays related to her prematurity and oncology treatments have stressed the family’s resources.  Both parents took time off from work to be with Kimberly while she was being treated.  The Foundation was able to give them a bit of assistance this year while they continue with quarterly pediatric oncology scans and physician visits.

Lancaster native, Rebekah, is a 15 year old who was diagnosed with clival chondroma, a very rare childhood cancer in June of 2016.  She underwent resection shortly after her diagnosis and received several months of proton radiation therapy.  Because Rebekah’s mother and step-father needed to transport her daily to CHOP in Philadelphia for treatment, the family’s financial resources were severely stressed.  The Foundation was able to make three mortgage payments for the family.

Fifteen year old Hannah is a resident of Dillsburg where she lives with her parents and siblings.  She was diagnosed with spinal cord astrocytoma and has been treated with radiation therapy and surgical biopsies.  The tumor is stable but remains, causing multiple complications for Hannah. The family sometimes had to relocate, for weeks at a time, while Hannah received treatment in Philadelphia.  The Foundation paid three months’ rent to help the family ease their strained resources.

We thank you for your continued support of the Jeff Musser Foundation.  Your generosity makes it possible to ease some of the financial stress that these families often experience.  None of this would be possible without all of you!

Jeff and Pam,
The Board and Committee


February 22, 2017


To All of Our Supporters,


Listed below is an update of some families we have been helping since our last report in December.


Miranda first came to the attention of our Foundation in 2013.  She has been in treatment for leukemia while being cared for by her grandmother since her parents are not a consistent presence in her life.  She has relapsed several times and has been the recipient of a transplant offered by her younger sister.  We have assisted with living expenses periodically over the years and most recently, purchased a used vehicle so Miranda’s grandmother can transport her for treatment.


Three year old Antanay was diagnosed with B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia several months ago.  She lives with her single mother, Stacey, who was forced to resign from her job to care for her ill daughter.  Antanay is in the final stages of treatment and her prognosis is hopeful.  The Foundation has been able to help with rent, utilities and other living expenses while Antanay receives treatment at Hershey.


Nate is a thirteen year old boy who was diagnosed with leukemia and will remain in treatment for approximately 3 more years.  While his prognosis is good, the need for so many clinical visits put a tremendous strain on his family’s old, high mileage vehicle.  The Foundation was able to purchase a used vehicle so that Nate’s mother can continue to transport him to the Penn State Children’s Hospital in Hershey for treatment.


When eleven year old Damiana was diagnosed with Astrocytoma two years ago, she had surgery to remove the tumor from her brain.  Since then, she’s had additional surgeries, hospitalizations, has developed epilepsy and has experienced severe memory loss.  She and her older sister live with their mother, Melania, who recently moved them to a new apartment to escape an abusive relationship. The Foundation was able to assist the family by paying the first several months’ rent in their new apartment and helping to purchase some much needed new furniture.


Eighteen month old Jorge has already had to withstand extensive chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant to treat the brain tumor that was diagnosed more than a year ago.  His single mother, Sandra, has moved from Florida, then to Delaware and now to our area to be closer to family so she can get the best treatment for her son.  In addition to caring for Jorge and his developmental delays caused his medical condition, Sandra helps to care for her 72 year old mother who also has some medical concerns.  The Foundation was able to help with some moving expenses and provide some automotive assistance so Sandra could move her family closer to Hershey Medical Center.


These are just a few of the families we have been able to assist.  Thanks to your continued support of the Jeff Musser Foundation, we have been able to help all the families that have been referred to us.  We sincerely thank you for your financial support and your thoughts and prayers for all the families in need.


Jeff and Pam,
The Board and Committee



December 14, 2016


To All Our Supporters,


Here is an update of some families we have been helping the last few months.


Brayden is a 7 year old boy diagnosed with Acute Leukemia. He lives in Lancaster with his mother Angela, grandmother Martha and 2 brothers ages 5 and 15. Both brothers have been diagnosed with Autism. The Father has left this family so the only source of income is Martha`s. Angela cannot take on a job as she must care for the boys. Angela receives social service money for the boys but it is difficult to make ends meet. We stepped in to pay 5 months of their mortgage and will follow up with them in February.



Mathew is a 5 year old boy diagnosed with Acute Leukemia in September. He has been undergoing chemotherapy and his prognosis looks very good. He lives in Elizabethtown with his mother Janelle, father Michael and younger sister Alyssa. When Pam and I met them Janelle was pregnant and 3 weeks ago she delivered a healthy baby girl. The day Mathew was diagnosed Janelle was opening a daycare center in their home. Janelle had to temporarily hire someone to run the center as she must care for Mathew. Michael works for a public relations company but going to 1 income from 2, money has been tight. They had no back bills so we stepped in to pay 3 months of their mortgage. This may be all the help they will need.



Laine is a 3 year old little girl diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor in October. Laine lives in East Earl with mother Leah and father John. Leah had to quit her job as a dental hygienist to care for Laine, John works as a truck driver. Laine is going through chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Leah`s employer is keeping her position open so when Laine`s radiation treatments are finished Leah can get her job back. We are paying their mortgage month by month until Leah can go back to work which should be in 3 or 4 months.



Sony is a 3 year old little boy diagnosed with Acute Leukemia. He lives with his mother Alexis, father Steven and 3 siblings. As Sony has finished his chemotherapy he developed Acute Encephalitis as a result of chemotherapy. The part of his brain that regulates his speech and swallowing has been damaged. He now has a tube and Alexis must work with him daily and can no longer work. With the loss of her income money is tight. We paid 4 months of their mortgage and will follow up with them in February.



Anit is a 3 year old little girl diagnosed in July with Neuroblastoma, this is a cancer that can attack many organs. She lives in Reading with her mother Melissa, twin sister and older brother.  Melissa cares for the children and receives social security benefits as she is legally blind. We stepped in and paid 6 months of her rent. Anit is struggling with infections, multiple line replacements and numerous other side effects. She will require radiation and a stem cell transplant in January. We will follow up with this family in the spring.



Lexi is a 10 year old girl diagnosed with Lymphoblastic Lymphoma in July. She lives with her mother Janine, her father is a police officer and they are separated at this time. Janine is no longer working as she must care for her daughter. Lexi developed many side effects through her treatments including the loss of her hearing. Lexi is being treated at CHOP and they live this side of Philadelphia. We payed 3 month of their mortgage and will follow up with them in February.



Jaxon is a 1 year old little boy diagnosed in July with LCH, a very rare childhood cancer. Jaxon lives in Lancaster with his mother and father, Ashley and Carey, and older brother, Mathew.  Carey works full time but Ashley needs to stay at home to care for Jaxon. We have paid 4 months of their rent and will follow up with them in February.



These are just a few of the families we have been helping. As our calendar year started in August, we have received 26 families in need of financial help. Thanks to all of you that support this Foundation, we were able to help all of them. We thank all of you for your financial support and prayers for all of these families. We wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Great New Year!



Jeff and Pam,

The Board and Committee,